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Sample Corpus-based Activities on the Web

Collocates of Great, Big, Huge, Large

 Politically correct expressions

Nouns preceding on/about

Adjectives ending in  ic/ical

Nouns/adjectives preceding for

Meaning of different structures like + infinitive/like + gerund 


Useful Resources

Mallikamas, Prima (1999). Applications of Corpora in Language Teaching, ThaiTESOL Bulletin, Vol. 12 No. 1, February 1999

Kettemann, Prof. Dr. Bernhard. Concordancing in English Language Teaching

Cobb, Tom. Computer Assisted Language Learning 1998

 Hadley, Gregory. Sensing the Winds of Change: An Introduction to Data-Driven Learning



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Concordancing and Corpus Linguistics

Concordancers, Corpora

Concordances and Corpora Tutorial

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Technology and Second language Learning (LAN618)

Using Multimedia Computers Effectively in the ESL Classroom

Corpus Linguistics 1

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The Internet Grammar of English 

Lingua Mutilingual Concordancer 

Vol 35 No 1, January - March 1997 Page 16 

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