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Activity 3

Phrasal Verbs/Verbs + Particles


  1. Ask Ss to make a concordance for the preposition ‘out’.

  2. Ask them to highlight all the verbs preceding the preposition.

  3. In pairs, Ss guess all the new meanings of these verbs from context.

  4. Ss copy and paste 10 new contexts they would like to learn, adding their own interpretation of the verbs in context.

  5. As a follow-up group activity, Ss can add these to their own vocabulary paper/electronic book.

  6. Another interesting activity is using software, such as Total Recall Learning System Shareware, to make a discovery or concentration game; T/F or M/C study games; … etc. For more challenge Ss could quiz each other and the winners are rewarded.



Concordance for ‘out’




Concentration Game – Total Recall System Shareware